Enterprise Projects

LINE Invoice

  • Role: Tech Lead to lead the fullstack development from 0 to 1.
  • Scale: 5 millions user, 300 millions invoices
    React Typescript GraphQL Temporal Parse-server NodeJS MySQL MongoDB k8s Knative OCR GoLang Python Machine Learning

    LINE Invoice simplifies the management of daily invoices and receipts for users. Incorporating OCR and machine learning for efficient processing, it stands out for its robust backend infrastructure.

LINE Shopping

  • Role: Tech lead for iOS/Andriod development, Frontend Lead developer to build from 0 to 1, DevOps.
  • Scale: 10 millions user (1/2 population in Taiwan)
    VueJS Typescript GraphQL Java MySQL MongoDB k8s

    As Taiwan’s leading e-commerce platform, LINE Shopping offers a comprehensive shopping experience across iOS, Android, and web. This project showcases a seamless integration of modern frontend technologies with a scalable backend.

LINE Travel

  • Role: Fullstack Lead developer
  • Scale: 3 millions user
    VueJS NodeJS ElasticSearch MongoDB k8s

    The top travel agency platform in Taiwan, LINE Travel, partners with renowned companies like Agoda, Booking.com, and Skyscanner to offer unmatched travel deals and options.


  • Role: Fullstack developer
    AngularJS C# ASP.NET OracleDB Windows Server

    An international online sports betting platform, 188BET provides a secure and dynamic betting experience, leveraging cutting-edge technologies for high performance and reliability.

Small/Medium Business Projects

MovieRater | Github

PWA ServiceWorker ReactJS Typescript NodeJS GraphQL MongoDB Crawler Material-UI

An innovative platform that aggregates movie ratings from Yahoo, IMDB, PTT, offering a comprehensive search tool for movie enthusiasts.

The Tung


The official website for The Tung Hotel, designed to offer visitors a glimpse into the serene and luxurious accommodations available.

Universiade Ticket | Reports

VueJS Redis NodeJS Crawler

Advanced universiade ticket system, 120+ Github Stars, 10+ News report, 5k buy action, 100k pageview in one week, Daily Top 1 Github trending.



A personal blog supported over the long term, showcasing a clean design and regular updates.


LINE Pay NuxtJS Vuetify MongoDB

An airport transfer booking service in Taiwan, simplifying travel arrangements with ease and efficiency.

Badminton Map

VueJS Python Crawler MongoDB

A dedicated platform providing comprehensive badminton information to the public, from court locations to event schedules.

ASP.NET MVC Shopping Mall | Github


An e-commerce platform featuring a back office and user-friendly shopping experience. Demo credentials provided for testing. `[email protected]/P@ssw0rd`

Realtime Video Chatroom | Github

WebRTC Socket.io NodeJS

A platform facilitating real-time video chats, particularly tailored for doctor consultations, showcasing the potential of WebRTC.

Blood Transfusion Calculator | Github

AngularJS 1.5 Bootstrap 3

A helpful tool for veterinarians to accurately calculate blood transfusion volumes, improving patient care and outcomes.

More projects can be found on my GitHub.