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Crawl data from Yahoo, IMDB, PTT, for search movies’ ratings easily.
PWA ServiceWorker ReactJS Typescript NodeJS GraphQL MongoDB Crawler Material-UI

Universiade ticket

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Advanced universiade ticket system, 120+ Github Stars, 10+ News report, 5k buy action, 100k pageview in one week, Daily Top 1 Github trending
VueJS Redis NodeJS Crawler


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Long term support and built blog
Hexo css ejs

Badminton map

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Offer badminton information for public.
VueJS Python Crawler MongoDB

ASP.NET MVC Shopping mall

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E-commerce platform, include backoffice, Testing account : `[email protected]/[email protected]`

Realtime video chatroom

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Realtime video chatroom, for doctor consulting
WebRTC Socket.io NodeJS

Blood transfusion calculator

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Blood transfusion calculator is a useful tool for veterinary’s daily work.
AngularJS 1.5 Bootstrap 3

Budget trace

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2016 ASIA OPEN DATA HACKATHON - To expose government budget to public, built in only 3 hour.
Chart.js Open data ASP.NET MVC AngularJS 1.5 Bootstrap 3

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