New to Macbook guide for developer

Recently I start to use Macbook Pro for software development. It is really painful that so many shortcut and software are different from Windows. I hope log it down could help some MAC new comers :)

  • homebrew
    • You could almost install everything through brew install <program name> or brew install --cask <program with GUI>
  • iterm2
    • Better terminal in MAC
  • Oh-My-Zsh
    • Change default shell to zsh with chsh -s $(which zsh)
  • vscode
  • Karabiner-Elements
    • brew install --cask Karabiner-Elements
    • Keyboard mapper, if you use your own keyboard you should install it!
  • nvm
    • Handle Nodejs environment
  • 超注音
    • Enable the ability to switch language by shift
  • spectacle
    • Shortcut for docking windows
  • awesome-vim-configuration
  • manico
    • Best tool for launching app with custom shortcut
  • Scroll Reverser
    • brew install --cask scroll-reverser
    • Seperate mouse / touchpad scroll direction setting
  • diff-so-fancy
    • Make your git diff so fancy
    • brew install diff-so-fancy
    • git config --global core.pager "diff-so-fancy | less --tabs=4 -RFX"


  • Mac shortcuts
  • Spotify
  • Chrome
  • Zsh Git Alias
  • Print screen area: command + control + shift + 4 (control is optional for copy to clipboard)
  • Open link in new tab: command + click
  • Delete file: command + backspace
  • Lock screen: ctrl + command + q
  • Close window: command + w
  • Quit app: command + q
  • Fullscreen/Normalscreen: ctrl + command + f
  • Hide window: command + m
  • Show window: Hold command + tab to the app, then hold option then release command
  • Open application preference: command + ,
  • Switch different window in same application: command + `
  • Show desktop command + F3 or (fn) + F11


  • Finder
    View > Show Status Bar, Show Path Bar
  • Iterm
    Menu bar > iterm2 > Make iIerm2 default term
  • VSCode

    • To use zsh, edit user settings:

      "": "zsh",
      "terminal.integrated.fontFamily": "Menlo for Powerline"
    • Use terminal to open vscode:
      Command + Shift + P then Shell Command : Install code in PATH, then you can type code <folder path> to open vscode

  • zsh
  • Disable firefox and other apps notification sound
    • System Preferences > Notifications Choose Firefox and uncheck Play sound for notifications to get rid of the sound.

Things you need to know

  • If you command + tab switch window and nothings come up, it is because there is no window for this application, to quit application just simply command + q, or you could open window for this application by top menu bar
  • Spotlight is search engine inside your Mac
  • Finder is File Manager
  • Preview has functionality of painter

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